Silencers length?

What effect does silencer length have on performance? Is it the same as pipe length but just to a finer degree?

Longer moves the powerband down a little, shorter moves it up.

Same as a pipe, but a more nuanced effect.

Depending on class and rules, you may also be able to play with adding a (swappable/variable) restriction to the end of the silencer as a tuning method.

I always thought it was the opposite, as some experimented with variable length silencers, to get more torque when short, and more rpm at the top when longer.

But I may be wrong, haven’t played around much as it’s generally subject to strict rules, very little to gain

I always found the opposite to be true. I’m the stock Honda days we would always run longer silencers on the ‘99 cylinders, and shorter silencers on the ‘01 cylinders. This was to offset the shortcomings of each, where the ‘99 lacked top end, and the ‘01 lacked bottom end.

As far as I understood it, these characteristics from the silencer were created from a difference in back pressure. Some silencers had inserts to further tune the back pressure. Going from the largest ID to the smallest ID gave me a 0.150” difference on track with a ‘99 cylinder and 16” silencer.

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I’m probably wrong then… I’ll revise :smiley: