Sim Race seats question

I am putting together a real rig, finally. I am getting:

I have to buy a seat. There are some really inexpensive race seats that I certainly wouldn’t trust in a car but might do the trick. Ie: image

My question is will I masssively regret being cheap with a seat? These cheap ones are 200-250 ish without sliders. Since it’s a sim, safety isn’t an issue. I suspect comfort is?

Should I just get a real comfy car seat from an actual car? Anyone been down this road?

I have some Volvo 850R seats, with leather and Alcantara that I’ve been trying to get rid of for a couple years…

It’s a bit of a drive to your neck of the woods! Volvo seats are likely pretty nice. I don’t think I’ve ever sat in a “race seat”. The only racecar I have been in was a carbon tub with no padding. It was not comfortable. :cry:

I would probably not go with real race seat if comfort is the concern. They all have minimum padding.

A friend of mine just picked up an NRG like that. he said it’s pretty comfortable. but he doesn’t spend as many hours in the sim as you do. I’m still driving my Ikea Poang rig. To be honest, it’s pretty good for my needs for a while.

Ikea, it’s the future of racing!

No comments about my backup sock restraint!


Dom, I’ve been using this GT Omega seat for the past 6 months or so. I like it a lot, and it came with sliders. However it looks like it’s out of stock t the moment.

Whatever you get make sure it fits YOUR needs. The real racer wannabe seats look cool, but I tend to use a bit of unconscious upper-body ‘English’ when driving, so I’d probably constantly whack my head against helmet restraints. Also, a super deep seat looks cool, but seems like it would be a PITA to get in/out of and I don’t think you’ll need much lateral support unless you’ve got your bass shakers turned WAY up. :grin:

That Poang is sexy. They seem to have cornered the unofficial sim chair market. Under hard braking do you shoot across the room or does the sock somehow prevent that?

@speedcraft thats a good one. I called the local car dump and the guy said I could come down and look around. I could do this for 40 bucks, apparently, too.

I loosen the lower beam on the poang, slide the chair over the lower part of the wheel stand and tighten it back up. The sock is just insurance. I’ve also modified the stand to move the pedals up and give it a more formula position.

Next step is a new 3d printed formula wheel.

As long as you find a 1 piece fixed race bucket that fits they can be extremely comfortable, yet stable and supporting at the same time. You’re going with a great rig that’s going to eliminate a ton of flex from your setup, I feel like a standard, heavily padded road seat out of a car is going to be counter productive to the rig it’s going on.

I’ve stopped spending money on my rig for now but plan on a SimLab setup and also believe the NRG you posted is the most viable option. I may pull one of the fixed back recaro’s out of my GT3 though since I store that car in the winters anyhow which is when I spend all my time on the sim.

Thanks for the perspective, Andy. I do think a supportive seat will matter in sim, to a certain extent. Most importantly will be seating position. I am really looking forwards to pedals and wheel that are proper distance/height.

The one I posted has velcro removable padding. I wondered if the nicer, more expensive models were much more comfortable and thus worth the $. Race seats will always be firm, but I imagine there’s degrees of comfort. Hard to tell from pics.

I went through the same thing a month ago, also one thing that was a bummer was that when i finally decided on a seat…they were all out of stock. My second and third choice also out of stock. I was lucky and found a relatively inexpensive seat.

With load cell pedals and a stiff rig I think the bucket is a must. I generally spend up to 2 hours and its been very comfortable for me (even with my old bad back).


Now that’s a rig!!!

Thanks for the insight. I think I will go with a bucket. It looks cooler, which matters imho. And, I do think support will be necessary. That Corbeau looks ideal as it has a flat outside surface. I bet the covering comes off and I could drill holes through the seat back.

Thanks! One thing I have learned from this building experience is its just better to go with your gut and buy what you think you want. I started off 3 months ago with the base model Fanatec stuff on a Next Level Rig, excellent setup and still the best for the money but little things bothered me along with the way.

The stiffness of this rig is well worth it, the DD base after having for a week I am now seeing the benefit. But back to the seat, yes this seat is drill-able and tons of adjustment and looks the part.

My seat has a reclining back. I find it completely suitable and allows some adjustment if my back gets tired. We are never backing in to a wall at high G’s. My seat did come with a slider that latched only on one side. I replaced that when I went to load cell petals because of the flexing of the seat bottom to the frame. I think a rigid frame is very important and that most budget rigs are not nearly rigid as desired. I initially had one of those, and after short time used only a few parts of and have replaced the rest with a frame i have welded myself

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Evan, the track map art work in the background is very cool. Where would someone find one?

Got my 3d printed wheel installed. Just need to take it for a spin.

OOOH. Fancy. That’s very nice. Enjoy!