Sim racing Bubble Has Burst?

Sim racing has come under fire recently. Without getting into semantics on what’s a sim vs what’s not….Thoughts?

This was sort of wierd. I mean if you gonna invite the drivers to participate with the influencers, give them some loot too.

@tankyx how does it work for aliens? Are they sponsored and get some sort of stipend or do they compete for prize money? What games do they play generally?

GT series is always a joke, they have the GT academy late 2000s which will grant you a Nismo car seat for the endurance race, but it quickly dies off and only one driver also the first ever champion had his name out. After release of GTs, they constantly changing cars, penalty system and imbalanced car ruin the game. Then they relaunch the GT series which runs by somebody have no idea how esports works. Whole series is a joke.

I wouldn’t listen to Austin Ogonoski imo.

They get a base salary + a cut of the prize money. They are on iRacing mainly and they switch to other games depending on the events

EDIT : So a few things :

There are no profitable franchise esports leagues. LoL Esport is losing money, same for OW or COD. That is not the goal of those league, and the GT Sport/7 league is the same.

Him criticizing the “grinding” taking place in simracing is just idiotic. This grinding is present in any high level sports and esports. Spending 50h a week is actually subpar compared to other esports.

His rambling on real life drivers being unhappy with iracing physics is non-sense. While iracing physics weren’t perfect, it is just a case of a driver unable to adapt, like it often happens.

Finally his title is click baity obviously, GT esport was never a major esport in the simracing bubble.


Why should the studios & publishers bother when they’re already getting participants & commensurate exposure for nothing, or next to it? Companies are going to minimize costs & maximize returns. It’s what they do. Sometimes they trip over themselves along the way, but the cause persists. They won’t pay out any more than they they think they have, & not a penny more even if/when they do.

Looks like the time-tested adage about motorsports holds true in both the real & virtual worlds: bring more money, leave with less of it, & enjoy the ride.

Well sure but if you gonna give Steve a steering wheel you should give the alien that carried him one, too. Kinda tacky otherwise imho. Especially considering they are not paid to appear.

“Alien”? Throw me a bone here.

Aliens are the hot shoes of sim. The pros that are just a little bit faster. In the story it looked like they paired an influencer (such as Super GT) with a pro driver (alien).

Sounds like their expenses are paid. Still, kind of feels like hired guns that aren’t really hired.

“There are guys who have crazy hours into these games and nothing to show for it.”

Well, yeah, that’s sort of the point.

To his point he meant that they didn’t make any money. That their time spent on GT was professionally a waste of time with no useful endgame for competitors. Further, they blocked other sponsors by forcing the racers to wear Grand turismo gear.

So this appears to be mainly a condemnation of Grand Turismo from a sim alien perspective.

Sounds like a problem of diminishing returns. Gotta know when to say when. Can’t see investing in something that consumes all of your time with no returns or anything to show for it.