Sim Racing Leagues Organized By/For kart Racers

Here is a list of some of the recent karting-based sim leagues popping up since the COVID-19 pandemic.

NKA Stars Championship Series

Platform: iRacing
Vehicle: Dallara F3 (Pro class) & Formula Renault 2.0 (Junior class)
Dates: Wednesday evenings (Junior), Friday evenings (Pro)
Entry: Free
Prizes: Yes.

WKA eSports Series

Platform: iRacing
Vehicle: Skip Barber Formula 2000
Dates: Monday evenings
Entry: $10
Prizes: Chain lube, gift certificates, chains, spark plugs, race fuel

ROK Cup Sim Challenge

Platform: Kart Racing Pro (With custom mods\updates)
Vehicle: Karts, single gear and shifter.
Dates: ?
Entry: $500 for three race series
Prizes: Cash, amount dependant on entries.

Rotax Sim Racing Challenge

Platform: iRacing
Vehicle: Skip Barber Formula 2000
Dates: ?
Entry: 15 Euro
Prizes: Rotax Grand Final E20 Electric Kart Ticket

USAC Karting\SimCraft

Entry is open to anyone who competed in the #BattleAtTheBrickyard, Elkhart Riverwalk Grand Prix, or the SimCraft 24 Hours of Orlando. As of 04/29: 3 rounds to go. Road America, Road Atlanta, Indy
2 rooms, top 40 runs in broadcast room, room 2 still for points.

Platform: iRacing
Vehicle: GT3
Dates: Wednesday nights starting at 650EST. Races at 730. Practice 3hrs every Sun, Mon & Tues
Entry: Free!
Prizes: $100 in credit towards Simcraft 24hr entry for each winner (2 races per night)

Karting1 Superkart League

Platform: RFactor2, Super Kart rF2 Mod <— click link to get the mod
Vehicle: Superkarts
Dates: (@Alan_Dove?)
Entry: (TBD)
Prizes: Glorious Victory


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Thanks Alan, didn’t see the Rotax one earlier.
It says this was scheduled for April 6-14, did it happen already or are there more rounds?

Thanks for this! There’s so many going on it’s insane.

Hopefully they keep these when everyone goes back. I particular like the Rotax one just because of the prize. The NKA one looks awesome. Don’t know what Rok where thinking with a $500 entry fee.

You’d be surprised what some parents are willing to pay - £500 for software that runs off rF2.

I think the NKA series is free?

It’s a different deal to the others though with regard to prize money, platform, working with Torque Esports, world’s fastest gamer program etc. I’d rather at least one business\body in karting tries to do something different to the others.

Some people went for it and at a glance the first race caught a more attention on social media compared to the iRacing based series, so that’s a bonus for the drivers that turned up exposure wise.

To be fair on the 500 bucks, if it was kartkraft, I’d have done it, most likely.

That’s fair…but after at least eight years development, online racing is still not generally available in KartKraft… Although it will be soon… Who knows, maybe we’ll have a KP league in KK if it comes together…

I know it will be a miracle if we get there

Jason is in the WKA eSeries. Had a pretty OK race, in that he Q9, was down to 14th, up to 9th, got tagged and was down to 13th in the end. Even has some screen time with the leaders as we was taken out.

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Still rocking the EKN and KP livery in both the NKA and WKA series!
I’ll have to post some more pictures the next round


I watched the last WKA race and it looked a bit like a massacre in the midfield. What’s the officiating like? Just normal iRacing penalties? NKA looks like they have an active race control person maybe to remove people if needed.

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WKA Race, No idea, Jason has not had an issue though he considered protesting, but decided it was a racing incident. Its clear that it is meant to be fun with drivers of all ages and calibers on the track. Not going to get worked up over it. Its an opportunity to get some wheel time with folks we can’t be with in person.

During the race a fellow race dad called my and we lamented our sons races and it was good to hear from him.

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Added the Karting1 Superkart League

I ran the NKA race on Friday. I got confused and didn’t realize it was on EST, so I missed half of the pre-qualifying practice. My time from that was a couple tenths off making the fast 30, so I ran the non-streamed backmarker race, starting 3rd. I ended up following the leader and Zilisch for the first two laps, until both Connor and I went wide in turn 1 and put it into the barriers. The real bummer was that my practice time from that group would’ve placed me well into the mid-pack of the fast 30 streamed race, so I figure if I hadn’t missed half of pre-quali I could’ve plopped down a lap that would’ve got me into the main show.

Oh well, still fun. Very well run and organized setup. I might jump into a couple more now that I have some F3 experience.


Sounds like fun. I am tempted to up my game here a bit.

the pinnacle kart sim series