Sim racing

All this talk about kart kraft has got me interested in sim racing! I have talked to people on the iRacing flea market on Facebook but would love to here what everyone uses for equipment. Let’s see pics of your setups and maybe a description and likes/dislikes.

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I have a pretty basic setup. I bought a thrustmaster tx force feedback wheel a couple years ago. Works great and is much more like driving than the controllers. No fancy seat, however. I’d love to have a motion rig but 30k buys a lot of race days.

Very basic, mostly because simming hasnt been on my agenda for about 8 years.

I have a G27 that I got as a replacement for broken g25 about a decade ago.

24” monitor.

Old quad core PC i7 2200 I think. 16GB RAM, SSD, GT6800 graphics.

Ordering a graphics card soon, considering oculus rift as well.

Oculus rift might be a game changer for sims. It always bothered me that driving in sims becomes mainly about muscle memory as you have no way of understanding orientation in 2D representations of 3D worlds.

My Oculus should be waiting for me when I get home. Currently working on a PC build to accommodate it. Now that I have a house, I’ve got plenty of space to fill it with dumb toys!


Gotta get ready for the supernats boi!

This is my setup I built back in grad school when I was getting started in iracing. Wanted to feel like I was climbing into a car. Currently use an oculus rift, fanatec CSL Elite wheel and pedals. Wish I had more time to use it, sim racing is a great way to work on keeping focused throughout a session.


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