Simpson Viper Helmet

Does anyone have this helmet? It caught my attention because of the massive eye port.
I don’t see many reviews on it.

If you guys have any suggestions, I’m all ears. Id like to keep the cost down and prefer gloss white.

Can’t vouch for the Viper but my first helmet (still using currently after 5 years) is a Simpson. Their customer service is excellent, I had ordered some extra visors and one came broken, it was promptly replaced. To say the least if it’s something that you’re interested in I wouldn’t doubt the quality. Any chance a local track or racing equipment store has some in stock you could try on?

Thanks Sahib. I don’t think there is a local place to try it on. I’ll check on Simpsons dealer locator and see. I appreciate your input. I see the ZAMP is a popular choice and also a brand named Conquer on Amazon that seems well reviewed too. Simpson has been doing this as long as I can remember which is why I looked in to them first.

Last I checked, Simpson quality is not on par with Arai, Bell, or Stilo these days. Interior materials and adhesives are inferior and I’ve seen quite a few asymmetrical shells from poor molds. I haven’t had one in the shop for a minute though.


Good info. One of the reviews did mention fabric issues. I’ll steer clear then, thanks TJ.

To clarify my helmet is 5+ years old as I stated earlier, unfortunately I can definitely see quality going down as has happened many times before with different brands. Was just giving my .02 however I would go with TJ’s suggestion then seeing as he has much more experience with this kind of stuff.

By no means would I want to advertise/ vouch for something that is inferior, especially when it comes to safety.

Not that the Simpson would be any less safe than anything else, just general build quality seems to be lacking since Bill left the company.

If you like the Simpson style of helmet, maybe give Impact a look. That’s the company Bill Simpson started after he left Simpson and the helmets are similar style, but I’ve found the quality to be good. I had one and it was actually really well-built.

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