Simracing Thread - 2020 Stay-at-Home Edition

There are some good comments from regular sim racers below the article too.

I reckon I can get started with a decent wheel and stand for less then 500 Canadian (I already have an xbox and a good laptop).

It was pretty awesome wholesome racing fun when we did it, the mazda is a fun little car and there was definitely some full sends going on.

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Yeppers. Wheel + wheelstand

Have you seen the new folding chair from Next Level Racing, $299US

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You had to post that didn’t you? That looks better than my crazy contraption!

For a few pennies more (many)

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I had a request the other day to design brackets to fit a steering wheel and pedals to a kart chassis. It looks like you just built the chassis around it lol.

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That’s a 80/20 rig from a Swedish designer (beta).

I have seen some cool rigs built on kart frames though.

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I still have some recordings of some of those races.


I’m a big fan of that first race. :rofl:

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Damn. Send was strong. How does online work for forza 7 to have a KP lobby or whatever?

Oh that’s my jam too. I loved that car in forza. I used to set up 30 lap races against maxxed ai fields at limerock to practice passing. The ai would always screw up turn 1, huge pileups.

Forza is pretty easy to use. I can’t remember if we can make private races but I can’t see why not

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Forza was pretty fun, I haven’t been on in forever, but I’ve been getting back on occasionally in the past couple weeks

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So do we want to set up a race or something?
What platform?

I can do xbox or pc.

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I vote Xbox for ease of joinage. On forza it looks like you have to “invite” someone to start a Lobby of sorts.

I’m red pand96 on Xbox Live. Although it’ll mostly be my daughter playing Minecraft :joy:

I created a lobby in Project Cars 2 the other day, seemed simple enough. We’d need to setup a time a day to run. Also, figure out which sim to run. I don’t have any of the Forza’s but could be it in the shopping cart if that’s the most common amongst us.
Dirt Rally 2.0
Assetto Corsa
F1 2017
Project Cars 2

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Oh I think I have CARS2 as well.

I can setup another one for this Sunday noon central time. I’d do a private race, the rest of the field would be filled with AI.

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I can do that time. So I’d need to friend you and get your xbox handle, correct?

Dom, I did add you as a friend. You may have a request waiting. I’m not a gamer, and have no experience in the online stuff.
Also I added Davin and Elias, I’ll need to add James.

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What time zone for noon?