Sirio Wide engine mount required!

Hi everyone,

I have been restoring a 1984 Wright Kart, it’s so close to completing. I need to fit the new Wright seat, tyres onto rims and of course fit my engine.

I have a Sirio Zenith (1986/87) engine for this Wright kart, but it will not fit into this chassis due to its unusual rail centres at 120mm apart.

If anyone has a wide engine mount and clamps for 28mm or 30mm chassis tubing please let me know ASAP, cash waiting!! £££

I can’t move any further with this project until I have this wide engine mount and clamps. I’ve been looking for around a year now, nothing online, none of the UK Kart stores have them, Simon Wright is still having a look in the factory to see if there is any lying around.

Check the depths of your garage or shed if you have any historic motors or spares for me please!

Thank you in advance for any help!


It sounds like you’re looking for something like an old Tony kart mount with 120mm rail spacing?

Try Dartford Karting at
Failing that, try the 100cc/retro groups on Facebook if you’re on there.

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Bill Wolters at Stoney Creek Motorsports in Belleville, Michigan has one - he tried to sell it to me a few weeks ago but it didn’t fit my kart.

(01) 734-697-6971

Quite possibly. I tired dartford, they passed me onto Simon Wright. I will check out the retro group on Facebook too! Thank you.

Ih he is willing to send this to Scotland, UK. I would buy it from him. Thank you

Yeah, he might charge like a wounded bull to ship it, but his shop’s open until noon Michigan (5 PM Scotland) today so give him a call.