SK6 Hans Anchors

G’day all, does anybody know if the Arai SK6 can be fitted with HANS anchors? The helmet comes with the drill points for the inserts.

If not do I filler these in before painting?

@tjkoyen as resident helmet painter could you lend some advice?


It’s highly NOT recommended, but you could technically drill them yourself, but they do not have the reinforcement there to actually accommodate the stress an anchor would have to withstand in a crash. The drill points are only there because all Arais use the same shell mold.

Also the SK-6 is not fireproof and therefore not legal for anything other than karting, so there is no reason to have HANS posts on it.

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Okay cheers. Do you fill in the mold holes before painting or just leave them?

I leave them because they are good reference points when measuring line placement.

You painting your own?

Yep, I’ll be getting the paint bay at work to do the actual painting for me but I’ll be doing the masking and lining myself

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Cool, good luck. :+1:t3:

20 char

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