Skm shifter kart

Hey everyone, new to the forum. I am researching karts to buy for racing next season. I am currently looking at a SKM shifter kart. I have never heard of this chassis brand. Does anyone have info or feedback on this brand. It’s a 2002 cr125. Thanks in advance!!

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SKM was a manufacture prior to 2011 for Trackmagic/Intrepid and ItalKart. I thought they were bought out by IPK

Welcome, do you have prior karting experience or is this your first kart?

+1 on what TJ said. Can you talk more about your racing plans at this point? Sounds like you might be on a smaller budget, which is fine (most of us are) just want to make sure the guidance we give is in line with your goals.

Off the cuff, a 2002 kart may be a problem for some tracks that require modern bodywork. There were some changes around 2003 and then in 2008…


At that era and age of 2002, condition probably matters more than brand. If you have pics that would help too of course.

There’s some information on identifying (verifying) the age of a kart here:

Not all karts have a homologation plate, but for those that do… this will help you verify it’s age… A lot of older karts get passed off as newer ones. Not necessarily though malaise, just the owner doesn’t always know what the have and are just going by what they were told.

SKM is a product made by Mirko Sguerzoni founder of Intrepid Kart.
It is a cheaper product made for the recreational driver,still good though.

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Thanks for the interest and responses guys. My Karting experience is limited to rental kart leagues. However I am not new to racing, I have 30+ years experience racing all different kinds of dirt bikes and most recently motorcycle road racing. The tracks on the schedule are ones I’m familiar with as I’ve raced them on bikes. I know a shifter is not a toy or a beginners machine but the Briggs and KT aren’t as interesting too me. I had a deal fall though for a couple tag karts, which I think would be ideal but they are so hard to find in my area. Thanks guys!

Supposedly this kart only has a handful of hours on it and was never raced. I have not seen it in person yet but the pics seem to support that. She’s old but pretty.


Very nice kart for sure. Would be fine for auto cross , check with your local track on bodywork style.

Do the brakes work? It can cause no end of frustration if they don’t!

Brake and bearing costs scare me away from old chassis - add them up and you’ll wonder whether it’s less expensive to get a late-model kart.

I have nothing to add other than it is very clean, pretty and probably a good deal? How much? An older kart is fine for starting, assuming they allow on track.

I ended up getting two tag karts for my brother and I. I have plenty of questions, so will be starting a new thread!


Oh hell yeah you and your brother are gonna have some FUN

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