SKUSA - Maximum added weight

I have been browsing the SKUSA rulebook to see if they say something about how many pounds can be added to meet the minimum category weight limit.

Is this correct?
Can for example a 40 year old light person weighting xxx pounds add yyyy to meet the Masters weight limit, or will he be directed to race in Seniors because it becomes too dangerous having some much extra weight?

Nope, anyone can race if they meet minimum weight, regardless of how much lead they have to add.

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As TJ said, you can add as much as needed. My wife has 75lbs on her kart to run Masters!


My back hurts just thinking about getting it on the stand.


Yes Dom, helping lift her kart is no joke!!! Makes me thankful that my son only runs 5-15 lbs depending on track scales.

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Luckily we use a Streeter Electric stand (hell they should sponsor us and use videos of it lifting the kart in their advertising). We have had to put it up on the table a couple times after collisions, that takes 3 or 4 people! :rofl:

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