SKUSA Pro Show Incident

I’m not sure if it’s been discussed yet - if it has feel free to delete.

Curious to get KP’s thoughts on this incident between Morgatto and Formal. Seems like Formal missed the shift and Morgatto ran into him because of that, and then Danny was PISSED and (to me it looks like) tried to ram him off track.

I’m a little disappointed that this is the example being set, personally.

Yeah very embarrassing IMO, so mad you almost cause yourself to flip in the process of retaliation. Should definitely be some sort of suspension for reckless hot headed-ness or else others will realize they can get away with it too.

Agreed. Neither driver got penalized at all.

It was discussed in the “Weekly Videos” thread.

TLDR: really poor form from Danny. Disappointing to not have any repercussions for something like that.


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I’m not especially disturbed by the actual incident, but do believe there should have been some sort of avoidable contact penalty handed to Danny.


yeah there definitely should have been a penalty for danny…

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I have zero problem with Morgato’s move and almost no issue with Danny’s move. This is another overblown reaction brought on by trying to make a marketable product out of karting.

In fact the only issue I had it all was Danny just not fully owning both ends. The perfect response would have been “yeah something didn’t go right on the downshift so I went for the hero move just in case he blew the corner - it was a big race and I wanted to win it”.

Look at the actual speed when they barely touch - it’s negligible, yet slightly dramatic based on the two wheel stand. Danny knew what he was doing when he sent it and he knew what he was doing when he didn’t take them both out. Dude is the consummate pro - to think a bunch of armchair race directors know more about the intent, or the restraint, is silly.

Good on Danny and Matheus for putting on a show. Better on SKUSA and Kart Chaser for trying to make something special and Best on the Race Director and staff for calling it right and not bending to hysteria


This thread is hilarious. One could swap the names and the specific details for any other race incident ever, and the resulting discussion would be the same.

I think the only move left is to call Dan an armchair-expert of armchair-race-directors. (how do we know for sure whether he’d know an armchair race director if he saw one, and what are his credentials?)

To be fair, this is a karting forum and we discuss all things karting here - there’s nothing to be here but an “armchair director”. Virtually all of us are racers though, so I think it’s fair to judge what we see.

I agree there was nothing wrong with Morgatos move since it was Danny’s fault for missing the shift. I’d disagree that the speed difference was negligible considering Morgatos rear bumper and bumper support were very bent when he came in, so clearly it was a decent hit. It was certainly made more dramatic by the two-wheeling though.

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I guess we shouldn’t discuss any race incidents ever then?

Oh come on… Danny’s response was way disproportionate. It’s all on him.

Morgatto gave him a modest tippy tap and Danny went ham. It’s clearly rage induced, which is weird since he’s an experienced pro. I’d be screaming at director Alec about that move and being a huge pain in the ass if it were me on the receiving end. I’d probably be also calling the offender a buttmunch of dubious parentage in the pits. But hopefully we’d all cool down and make neat shorts and get a lot of views out of it, so in the end, yay!

-armchair director and sometimes Ghenhgis, Dom.

To be clear, even if morgattos tippy tap was a “GTFO ya done fucked up” and “I’m moving you” move (if it was, it was rather mild) Danny knew it was coming and I bet was pissed with himself and reacted wrongly. Next time he should just punch himself in the face or something. I mean wtf, is he expecting another pro driver to move over a tad and let him recover as opposed to capitalizing and shoving his mistake down his throat?

For inspiration:


Someone find me a pic of Dan in a lazy-boy…. With a beer. :grinning:

If anyone had caught that on their smartphone we’d still be talking about it.

That’s an interesting take. Maybe you’re jaded from commentary on social media or the conversations here.

Incidents are managed as a relationship between directors and the drivers involved. Most of the folks here are drivers so it’s not unreasonable to expect a discussion on what expectations are on driving standards in general. As along as it stays away from insults and stays along the lines of adult discussion, I think it’s in line with community values.

You don’t need to be a race director to ascertain that there was avoidable contact…… What, if any action needs to be taken would be up to the race director or course.

All that said, it was a great move to watch, the question is what kind of precedent it sets for similar moves going forward. It was ballsy and I would imagine most race directors in these kind of situations would also be thinking of what might happen the next time someone tries to pull something like that off.


AC is usually finish behind the person contacted. He did. You can’t make calls based on perceived intent.

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AC = ? Sorry just don’t know what it’s an acronym for.

Avoidable Contact (20)

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Speaking generally, from a safety perspective vs competition.,. Why does it have to even be intentional? Whether it’s intentional or careless… there’s still a safety element to be considered.

Or no?

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You just make the call the action you see and follow the rulebook on it. Take away the mice from Morgatto while looking at Danny’s move and it simply turns into a low percentage dive bomb that almost flipped himself.


They hand out safety-relates infractions all the time in various motorsports. I don’t by any means know the SKUSA handbook by heart, but feel fairly confident that they would support a penalty/fine if the race director really wanted to levy one. He chose not to, his discretion, but the mechanism surely exists.

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