SKUSA SuperNationals 24 - Mega Thread

Hey all. Nats are this weekend and I can’t find any stream info. I am told it will be broadcast on CBS Sunday. Does anyone know if this means that there will be no stream coverage fri-sat?

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Not sure on live broadcasting but EKN always has live coverage if you want to at least listen to Howden call the sessions.

Thanks!!! 20’chars.

Edit: note to EKN: look into how that webpage formats on iPhone mobile. Not pretty or easy to use.

For some reason, race hero has this at the Motorsports Ckub of Cincinnati instead of Las Vegas Motorsports.

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Nah, what you cant read is that the class is SPONSORED BY Motorsports Club of Cincinnati

Thursday to Saturday will be a live audio stream Sunday finals will be a live video stream

Well that certainly makes more sense!

Are you racing this year? Think you ready.

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Anyone see some of the crashes from yesterday? 4 red flags, 2 ambulances and it’s only a practice day

Yeah a couple buddies had mentioned it was a sh*tshow.

Gotta respect the barriers!

i was going to race ka100jn but it was full and eventually a spot opened up last weekend and we tried to set up a ride for me but my team already left and i culdednt rent a chassis

Bummer. You can win it next year tho!

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Is there a way to see what engine is being used by the different drivers in Shifter categories? TMs are the majority, but from some pics/videos I’ve seen very few Iame 175s, couldn’t spot any Screamer or Modena in the mix

19 masters quailed for Shifter. Is that a good turnout? Seeing fields 45ish other classes.

Master Shifter is typically a fairly small class.

Figured we could make this the official thread for discussing the event. Biggest sprint kart race in the country and possibly the world… think it deserves it’s own topic.


Download the MixLr app and listen to EKN from it…the page is horrible and will just point you to the app eventually anyhow.

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I actually got called out to work with a driver today. Wasn’t a fan of his dad working on the kart, so I’m catching a flight out tomorrow to help. Being a barrier track under a mile is going to lead to a lot of nasty stuff. Saturday will be interesting for sure.

Kart Chaser was close to getting a broadcast for the event, but the CBS production on Sunday caused some issues.


Does it say anywhere that CBS will have it Sunday? Is it only certain classes or times that will be shown?

From the EKN article it sounded like there were only 4 drivers with 175’s in Pro and 5 in Masters. Other than Billy in Pro I’m not sure who else is running one. As far as KZ’s I wish that info was out there also. I assume the DR guys like Wimsett are on Modena’s, since DR seems to lean towards Modena. I did hear a few Vortex KZ’s were there.

Traditionally the CBS broadcast is a tape delayed/edited show by Green Light with the live show being also ran by Green Light but published to SKUSA’s facebook page

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Billy stuck with the 175? That’s impressive. He owns this race, tho.