SKUSA Supernats 2023 & F1 Las Vegas

Does anyone know how flexible SKUSA are with dates at the Rio? F1 has chosen the traditional date slot that the Supernats usually falls into for their Las Vegas race. No chance both racing same weekend because hotel prices are going to be premium. Even a week later will not be ideal due to the logistics of the event.

I think I remember someone saying that the F1 was likely to be sandwiched by ROK Vegas and Supernats.

Damn that’s going to make hotels crazy spendy

Not sure this is possible at SuperNats, but something my Dad and I have been doing for the last couple of SCCA Runoffs it to rent a Travel Trailer for the week. You can pay a small fee for drop off and pickup and the nightly rates are better than most Hotels during big events like these. This year our daily rate is $125 per night and drop/pickup fee was $50. Hotels in the area range from $180 to $450 per night.

So the idea is you rent a trailer instead of hotel? The trailer rentals seem pretty reasonable, compared to hotel. What are the total costs do you think? What does it cost to park such a trailer at nats?

We tried to book a hotel as soon as they released the F1 dates and none of them are booking that far out online. Prob need to call and prob way late to the game now but whatever.

Actually hoping Miami is less crazy next year and we can actually get good tickets

Not sure for the Nats, but at VIR this year, the paddock space was around $180. Its big enough for our Tow Vehicle, Race Car Pit, Race Trailer and the RV. Something like 25’ x 45’, but that’s camping at our paddock spot. Skusa website says no camping in paddock, so they must have a side lot for that. Not sure if they charge extra for the exterior parking or not.

Space is the issue. I’m not sure how many RV spots they offer, but it’s far and few between as the Rio lot is maxed out each year that it holds Supernats. Plus an adjacent lot.

SKUSA has been talking about the dates for F1 Vegas since NOLA of this year, and while I haven’t talked to them directly about the deal, I’m sure they’ve got a plan.

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I’d airbnb it before the hosts cotton on to the f1 race.

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I booked a lovely place in Montreal for the F1 race on air BNB at a nice rate only for the reservation to be cancelled a few weeks before the race leaving me scrambling to find something new. While looking for new places I saw my original booking now listed for double.

Once the owners find out they can charge more they’ll screw you and no amount of reporting them will change it.

Any updates? SKUSA haven’t put anything about it’s all still TBA

I think they are still trying to figure it out. Last I heard they were trying to figure out a long-term contract but F1’s contract obviously takes priority and SKUSA sort of has to just deal with whatever dates F1 leaves them.

F1 is a disguting entity sometimes.

They and the FIA should just go straight to human trafficking and be done with it.