Racers are always going to Race and Rubbing is Racing. With that said, anyone who has had the privilege to travel knows that the rules at home are not always the same rules elsewhere. Its similar to the talk your parents would have with you about behaving when going over to someone else’s house before you left. “You cannot do some of the same thing there as you can at home and it’s your job to figure what is acceptable and what isn’t”.

Like Aaron said, the shear lack of acknowledging there is a different set of rules in play and/or choosing to ignore the rules can be considered a form of Elitism! That somehow the rules do not apply to them.

On the flip side, if the rules are not being enforced effectively or consistently, then you open the door for more incidents like those with Senna.

I noticed when watching YouTube of global karting that there was a period there where you’d see big lateral blocking moves in Europe that you weren’t seeing in USA stuff like skusa/uspks.