Don’t want to spoil it, but go on KartChaser’s YouTube channel right now and watch the most recent final of KA100 Junior - six-driver battle.

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Bummer for Rivera. You’d think RPG would have taught him how to defend by now.

Super impressive move by Adams though. Three karts in one corner is insane!

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What was that of Senna and Hannah in the finals?

@XanderClements did senna get a penalty?

He did on Sunday, got away with murder on Saturday though. Super, super disappointed in a driver of his caliber displaying the on-track antics that he did this weekend. Between his run-ins with Hannah in X30 and with Kyle Wick in Pro Shifter, I’m far from impressed. I was a big fan of his early on in the weekend and coming in with how fun his personality is and how talented he obviously is. But it would look from the outside as if the ‘euro-elitism’ that we are all too used to seeing here stateside is rampant with him.


Sorry, what day to watch for the chaos? Ka100 Saturday or Sun?

I feel exactly the same, I couldn’t have formulated it better.
Such a shame for SODI USA to bring a driver with such behavior.

I do see the value in something like the North American Kart License Program. He would have gotten some mayor penalty points.


Saturday X30 finals…
Looks like the something happened on Sunday with Hannah also. The incident was not shown on track, but boy was Hannah furious after the race.

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Run over some toes in the pits, Hannah.

@XanderClements you need an intern to do your YouTube chapters! :sunglasses: I’m too old to be an intern though.

@Charles_Kaneb “American made steel will win in Utah!” That’s gotta feel good, especially considering it happened in last lap.


I like to give benefit of the doubt… maybe to a fault :smiley:
They may not have been aware or anticipating that kind of driving.

I think they have someone doing them, might not have gotten to it yet for Utah, but for sure I’ve seen them on previous events and was very appreciative of it.

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All I saw in x30 finals was a singular but rather uncool podding of Hannah. Other than that it looked pretty good. Was it all off camera?

Really nice effort by Turney and Norberg.

It was on Saturday, Senna turned in pretty hard on Hannah at least that was what was on camera

Must have been watching wrong day then. Hannah got sent into the grass by an overt push by the Dutch fellow.

I didn’t catch the shifter stuff with Wick but something definitely happened off the cameras on Sunday with Hannah

You can see Senna making some really shady moves against Norberg on Norberg’s latest race video. Let’s just say Senna gets…what it sounds like was coming to him from Ryan lol. Never seen a comment section so unified in hating on the driver that gets punted in a video.

What shady moves in particular? I’m looking at the episodes in isolation, so I’m focusing on the X30 video alone…I really don’t agree on the hate train for that episode. I think it was all good until the white flag, some blocking but nothing crazy. On the straight it was awesome to see how Ryan played into Senna’s mistake to watch back. Look closely and Senna is not moving or blocking on the straight, rather Ryan keeps changing trajectory to stay in Senna’s blind spot (master move) as Senna moves his head left and right and can’t figure out where Ryan is or is going to go right up to the braking zone.
From there on, regular race incident, Senna not expecting Ryan to plunge, I really think he didn’t know or expected. He is experienced, should have left space, he didn’t so he took a gamble, collision happened, he was out, end of story. I don’t see anything forceful or malicious.

Look at Senna’s helmet and where it was pointing, Ryan pulled out a Jedi move on him

Some more context…

Interesting…I still hold the same opinion: you need to look at these episodes in isolation, for their own merit. As much as I believe the X30 one was race accident, this is exactly the opposite, worthy of a 3 month ban (IMHO).

On the same token, I also think Xander is wrong, there is no “European elitism”, it’s simply unchecked behavior. As US is finally aligning on most of the CIK-FIA regulations, I see no reason why we shouldn’t entertain the possibility to enforce disciplinary actions on a global scale. If you (intentionally) drive somebody off track in US and get a 3 month suspension, you should not be allowed to race in EU or any other CIK-FIA event worldwide for the same amount of time, as rules are all the same.

Doesn’t matter if you are from EU, Africa, China or whatever, if there is 0 enforcement of sanctions on a global scale, you are creating an environment where anybody can drop in and do crazy stunts, with almost no repercussions to their home programs

I’m not sure looking at these in isolation helps his case even. The X30 incident caught on the broadcast was pretty clearly going off-line to make contact with Greenemeier, the KZ collision was absolutely unacceptable, and we didn’t see the other X30 contact on Sunday but it sounds like that one was pretty bad as well.

I agree and disagree with this sentiment. I do agree that there is a behavior issue at the European level that we see when those drivers come to the US, and in the European races. I think the elitism issue comes into play when these drivers come to the US and don’t even bother understanding or following the standards that we have set in America, and just drive like they would in other countries. That choosing to drive however they want and disregard the rules in our sandbox is the elitism issue we’re seeing now, but it’s also on us to enforce what we want to see on the track.

Is that elitism or just racers being racers, doing whatever they can to see what they get away with?


I see it as a little bit of both. First time or two is just being a racer, repeated incidents is elitism, which is why I made my last statement. That non-call in the X30 race on Saturday enabled the action which should’ve been shot down immediately. So it’s a bit on our officials, but also an attitude issue as it continued throughout the weekend.