Slipping heels

Hi. Do you have footrest in your cards? There is no original place for such a part in my Sodi chassis, maybe you have some ways? Sticking sandpaper or something else? I don’t have much space for the aluminum support because my heels are already at the end of the floor, next to the front tube of the frame. I made such an element in my wife’s goxrt and it wrks fin

Michael, good idea. Would it make sense to mount them so the upwards facing nuts are behind the heel? Flip 180? As shown, wouldn’t the heel be resting on the nuts?

Sandpaper works, but it also accelerates the wear on the heels of your shoes like crazy.

In my race car I often used skateboard grip tape. Because of its ease of install.

I used grip tape on my floorpan. I have long legs and big feet, so finding a good foot stop was always hard for me.

I have tried but the nuts are a bit in the way. I will think about a different mount.

On my sim rig which is very life-like, I use an adhesive backed dense rubber foam. Its 1/4" thick and I believe is often used to dampen the noise from washer dryers. Anyways, its durable and grippy.

Can you flip the stock foot stop around (180*)? I had to do this on my tony and it seems to work fine.