Slow in practice, fast in race explained?

How can I be 2 seconds off in practice and then only 3 tenths off on race day?
I know that the presence of other drivers on race days means that one will push harder, but I am wondering if there is more to it? Where am I finding all my time on the race day?

Let me know your thoughts.

Have you looked at data? Are we taking sessions on same day, or morning practice of a race event?

Draft can be a factor, but unlikely to be to the degree you’re experiencing.

Your kart might simply be set to kill for the race. Not a bad thing?

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Think about these things:
Different day - different results
I am sure there are a few variables not tracked.
Racing is a diminishing return game.
In practice you encounter slower karts and try different things that don’t work, learning what not do as you go.

It does seem you have a good problem. What if you were fast in practice and slow in the race?


Lots of factors.

• Quickest drivers are up to speed immediately, so they have less time to find throughout the weekend. Look at the leaders’ times in practice 1 vs. happy hour. I bet any time they pick up is almost solely down to track evolution. They’re on it from lap 1 in the first session.

• Track evolution

• Setup optimization

• You have a “rabbit” to chase on raceday

As @KartingIsLife said, look at your data from the first session and the last practice and see what you’re doing differently.


Thank you all for your responses. I will look at the data to see what I am doing differently. I do have adhd and add so that may help explain some things. There was no one else on track either. Which doesn’t help. I do have video if anyone wants to look at it.
Track was also green due to rain past few days.
Thanks for the help!

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Ok so a few things, and it’s not unreasonable to put a chunk of it down to track conditions. I think you might need to put a little less pressure on yourself.

  • Not same day as racing when rubber is down.
  • Track is green.
  • Nobody else on the day to compare to.

Concentration might be a factor, sure. You can probably find time with some tuning, changing gear even to compensate for the lower apex speeds.

But you’re not going to recoup two seconds from a rubbered up track to a green one :slight_smile:

Also, is this your kart?



@KartingIsLife yes sir! The tonykart next to it is mine too.


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