Small hole in exhaust and leakage

Where the crack/hole has appeared on the exhaust pipe it’s also dented inwards. That, with the apparent leakage out the seam of the exhaust tip, is there any cause for concern or am I being over pedantic? Cheers.

You might get disqualified if your tech inspector considers it an unfair advantage and oversized exhaust openings are prohibited in your series’ rules.

Apart from that I’d only be worried that the rest of the pipe is rusted out and about to crumble on track.

So exhaust leakages via cracks or holes don’t affect performance negatively?
The pipe is about 6 months old with 3 hours of usage. When it was new it was the metal finish then quickly turned to the rust coating you see before you. I don’t know what I could have done to it to keep it from developing the rust.

A hole that small at the end of the pipe is unlikely to cause much of a performance increase.

Pipes rust because they get wet. You can’t run a bare metal pipe in the rain, or have dew condense on it in your garage.

Since that hole is covered with an end cap, it is likely a non-issue. The hole appears to be on the seam, maybe a slight defect in the weld. The black residue is unburnt oil and is common. Some steel wool, wd-40 and elbow grease can get rid of the surface rust.

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