Sniper adjustment

hi guys, crg setup sheet says camber/castor set a 2 top 3 bottom, i dont have lazers to do alignment so local shop done it, but can i change the castor on the top of the grid as long as i leave one grub screw alone as not to effect the toe or camber? and looks like my shop set it at 4 top 0 bottom so i just want to try the crg base setting, and when measuring notches top and bottom i assume i go by where it tapers off or it cant measure as crg says?

so this would be 5 top -1 bottom? or 3 top lol internet image

"2 top & 3 bottom "doesn’t ,on it’s own ,make any sense to me.
I can only assume that the magnificent!! set up sheet is not referring to the Sniper caster/ camber adjusters at all but to eccentric pill type adjusters with the one in the top of the 'C ’ bracket in position 2, and the one in the bottom in position 3.
Since I have neither lasers nor Sniper adjusters I may well be mistaken.
Any adjustment of caster or camber will require a resetting of toe in / out as pointed out by GregF in another recent thread.

Yeah I think you’re correct @d-i-y80. Pretty sure the snipers are only adjusted on the top, although I’ve never actually looked at the bottom properly :rofl:

Factory neutral is centered fore and aft. I have them at neutral camber and negative 1 serration of caster.

Like @d-i-y80 said, it sounds as though that setup sheet is referring to eccentric pills rather than snipers. Lucky for you Snipers are independently adjustable. However, as referenced adjusting camber or caster will affect toe. To know what affect it will have, you have to first know what the shop set everything at. Camber and Caster can easily be seen on the Sniper Pill. Question remains what toe was set at. Total toe is usually set between 0 and -2 mm/2 mm out total. That is 1 mm per side. As for adjustments, depending on the angle of drop on the tie rod from the steering shaft joint to the spindle joint, the tie rod will usually angle down toward the spindle. If you add Caster (move Kingpin Bolt to rear) it will pull toe slightly out more (increases downward angle of tie-rod). If you remove Caster (move Kingpin Bolt to front) it will reduce angle of tie-rod and push toe slightly in. Similar for Camber. Moving Kingpin Bolt toward center of Kart will push toe in and vice versus. By how much depends on the geometry of the angles between the Steering Shaft Joint, the Spindle Joint and length of the Tie-rod. Think of it like a Right Triangle. Change one length or angle and the other lengths or angles must change as well. To know how much they will change, it would be easiest to have lasers on it as you make minor adjustments and see for yourself. The change may only be minor, 0.5 mm or so total and will vary with amount caster/camber are changed, but without know where Toe is to start you will not know if it will compromise what you are trying to adjust.

That said, @tjkoyen stated in another thread, he adjusts camber/caster regularly without re-adjusting toe, so the change in toe may make less of a difference compared to the change in caster/camber does to the handling. Do not be afraid to try different settings, just note where it started, so you can get back to that or know what is the opposite direction from where you started.