Sniper Alignment Laser's only works after sitting in sun

I have to set my (old - pre 2016) Sniper V2 laser alignment tools in the sun before using and both lasers will appear.

Has anyone else faced this problem? Any known fixes or repairs?

Chris Bany

Is it exceptionally cold where you are? When I used to do winter sports photography, the cold would mess with batteries and I’d have to warm them up (sun or warm hands in pocket).

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As side from dead batteries, or simple loose wires, circuit boards can develop micro-cracks that will exhibit this behavior. We often find this happens when a computer has been on for long time and then is turned off and allowed to cool. Crack open up and you can’t turn it back on again.

The fix is to find the crack and put some solder on it. Finding the crack is an exercise.


No, I’m in Florida…

Interesting. I know I read a long time ago about putting the Snipers in the sun – that has always seemed to work and I never understood why.

As was mentioned - an electrical connection is broken somewhere. check the battery contacts and any internal solder joints.


There might be something specific to the Sniper judging from what some are saying here. But off the cuff, here’s some generic electronic pointers:

Given you’re in Florida, corrosion comes to mind.
Cold or fractured solder joints that could be remedied by reflowing.

If you can crack it open, clean up any corrosion with IPA (Not the beer) and reflow the solder joints that look like they need repair.

Wow, talk about drinking from the fire hose.


I’ve taken a soldering class. Still can’t solder but able to remove and replace components on a printed circuit board.

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