Sniper battery cap - where?

Where can I get the Sniper battery cap? The one (pic below) that screws in and turns on the laser.

Left is good one. Right - not so good.

I don’t have much insight other than to contact

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Margay only has the new red cap which is not compatible with the old style blacks one.

I emailed Sniper but I have not heard back yet.

Anyone have some spares lying around?


Do you have a close up shots, I might be able to 3d print one for you.

I suppose you will need a better photo than these and dimensions, but here is what I currently have. There is a copper (?) base inside the cap.

I am little concerned about the thread. I do not think my printer can handle that, I can give it a try if you cannot find replacement.

Paul, I wonder if you could find a cap that would work on another consumer product…along the lines of a soda bottle or soap container, or even automotive items ( motor oil, etc) . Or another idea go to a hardware store and see if there is a plumbing cap that fits too. Do you still have the brass insert?

I have the same caps on mine… how did it break?

Good ideas. I am going to try that. It just deteriorated and started cracking. I tried tightening it one last time to turn on the laser and the back broke off.