Sniper Laser Alignment Batteries Removal & Replacement

Just a heads up if you haven’t encountered it.

Long story short my nephew got a hold of the snipers and left them on. I ran into 2 problems:
1 it is ridiculous to get the batteries out of the holder/on-off knob
2 cant find the battery locally

I ended up drilling a hole in the cap and pushing the battery out. I went to 2 stores and neither had the batteries locally. My friend’s set had one dead battery. So I ordered 3 sets from a karting retailer at a fair price. I carry spare batteries for everything. I am shocked how many people don’t have a spare 9V for the mychrons.

The Sniper batteries are pretty hard to find locally. I just order a few in advance and throw them in my toolbox.
I’ve had to do that drilling trick to my Sniper caps too.

The CR1/3N batteries are a stock item at my local Batteries+ store.

I think I got my batteries at Batteries Plus as well. I think when I emailed Sniper about removing them, they told me to punch a small hole in the cap and push them out.

A pin works well to remove the battery, it is a pity it is not mentioned anywhere…

I’ve also heard people use magnets to pull them out.

I refused to drill a hole in the cap. Banged the holder on the work bench until it surrendered the batteries.

On 1 I had to hammer it out through the hole I drilled. One was able to be pushed out by hand. I couldn’t get either out with a dental pick. Banging wasn’t getting it. Mine are fairly new so maybe the newer ones are tighter. There was no way around drilling. Drilling puts a hole in the battery.

So the moral of the story is be ready for a hassle and have batteries beforehand.