Sniper SA-1 installation

In trying to install these, I had to get 110mm kingpins to replace the stock 90mm (Merlin MR29 chassis). They are 8mm kingpins. My concern is with the added length and flex. Also, the only kingpins I found were fully threaded, so they are thinner than a solid shaft and more prone to bending or breaking (I wanted a kingpin with a beveled head to use my stock eccentric pills in the bottom hole). Lastly, I would have to stack a dozen or more washers to take up space between the spindle and the C/yoke. I think I’m going to abandon the Snipers because we don’t have enough time to test and risk failure. Anyone else had the same issues but ran with no problems?

If I could find 8mm kingpins of 110mm length with the beveled head and solid shaft I might try it, but the full length threading just sounds like a recipe for failure outta the gate.

Check this site. It says the unthreaded portion of the bolt is 82 mm.

Thank you for that Greg. That website is helpful. I need the head to be rounded or beveled.

If you post pictures I can point you to what you need. We sniper swap a lot of chasiss over here.

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Thanks. Here ya go - top is original, bottom is all I’ve found. Looking for a solid shank like the top one.

Pictures of the whole spindle C setup and pills I mean. Most of the time, you’re going to get rid of your stock everything and switch to a full sniper kit.

So I just looked at the SA-1 setup again. It looks like it is meant to be usded with a cap head bolt not a counter sink bold head. They provide a washer that has a rounded side and flat side. This allows for different angles of the kingpin without binding the flat surface of the bolt head and nut.

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Correct. What I’m attempting to do is install my stock eccentric pill in the bottom, and run the kingpin upward and put the Sniper and nut on the top.

Can you not just use another domed washer on the bottom? If there is slop, you can just shave it down to make contact with the pill and lower side of the C.

Good idea. Didn’t realize they made washers that were that way (flared/domed). Now to locate some. Thanks!

I think to remember that CRG has some very long bolts for their spindels