Sniper SA1

For those that have put this on the Euro style front yokes what have you thought of them? I see DR, Margay and a few others come with them.

Coming from the 206 world, I have always thought one of the draw backs to the pill style for 206 racing was that caster and camber were tied together. With such low HP, it would seem being able to adjust separately would be key.

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They’re fantastic! Unfortunately you can’t run them on every kart. The yokes on my Margay weren’t big enough, so make sure they’ll fit first.


They are generally good, they have some limitations, but they offer the ability to change caster and camber independently which is great. Con’s are they can crack where the counter sunk bolt goes in and you still need a bottom adjuster of some kind to run maximum caster.

They are standard on all CRG made products (DR, Maranello, Zanardi, CRG, GP Kart) and Mach 1 amongst others. I think Margay are the importer for Sniper products. Righetti Ridolfi make a similar functioning system which does caster on the bottom and camber on the top of the yoke (see it on Vemme Karts for example).

For all the types I’ve seen you need 22mm diameter hole and i think the sniper has a 31mm PCD for the counter sunk screws. PKT axles also sell an adapter to make it fit OTK.

I also made my own version but couldn’t get enough interest to make a production run.