Snowmobile trailer for karts?

Sound like a bad idea? I need to transport 2 stacked karts with something easy to pull (using a Sienna van) and enclosed. I don’t really need to be able to stand up I looked some trailer threads and didn’t see much talk of it.

It’s been done for sure and seems to work quite well.

Ive seen a few guys use them for karting up here in Canada. Is it ideal? Probably not, but it works.

Really any lighter-weight trailer will work. I assume you want enclosed for kart storage. Will two karts fit when they are on a stacker? I too have a Sienna and found an enclosed aluminum trailer that is 6x12 with a single axle. It weighs a little over 900lbs empty. With 2 karts and more stuff than I really need to haul, it weights just under 3000lbs. The Sienna is rated for 3500lbs max. I have put Airlift helper airbags on the rear and when aired up I am fairly level.

The real problem I have found with towing isn’t the weight but the wind resistance. I found a roof mounted wing that I have mounted on a crossbar for the roof rack. It made a noticeable difference in towing. I also had a rack lift made to sort of make my own stacker. Here are some pictures:

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@mtbikerbob Nice setup! I am looking to buy a trailer soon as well. Can you share more photos of the inside of your trailer setup. It looks super clean and I really like it.


Pulled something like that with only 1 kart and some spares with a Volvo V70 2.4 (no turbo) from NJ to New Castle. Bad idea. Going up the hills on i-80 thru Pennsylvania was painful and slow. Cupholder (near the shift lever) was very hot to the touch and the transmission was hunting for gears like a dog. But the 205,000 mile V70 just kept going. Never do that again but the old girl has 240k on the clock now and oil analysis revealed that the engine is in great shape still. Not sure about the transmission though.


I was able to find a few previous pics. If you want more let me know.

At the front t of the trailer is have a Home Depot portable drawer unit, and I built a shelf above. I have more stuff than I need in this area and my tongue weight is higher than it should be. So I have all my axles in the back and karts are as far back as possible.

The rack was built and installed in 3 sections. At first the top was just resting in the brackets but I later anchored it to the roof brace. The lift is a Harbor Freight ATV winch with a 12v tractor battery. Once the kart is up I have two crossmembers that I sit the kart on. This way it isn’t in the way when the karts are out.

I lift the kart with a strap around the seat. Its not perfect as it is nose heavy but it works. I figure the kart is about the same weight as me, so if it supports me it should support the kart.

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Wow, this is actually more involved than at first glance. Awesome setup, thanks for sharing!