So...what does the IKF do anymore?

Semi serious question. When I really sit down and think about it, I pay my membership fee to run Gold Cup, but I never really saw any real unique value from it.

Am I missing something?

Sanctioning and rules for 50 clubs\tracks in the US and Canada apparently. But I get where you’re coming from, there isn’t an apparent value add for racers, or even much internet presence.

Some details about the IKF in the video I made here. (Apologies in advance for the music.)

Right. Rules are great, but why am I paying the membership fee for that? That money should just go to the clubs in that case, in my opinion.

I guess it’s for the admin to run the gold cup series itself? Otherwise, no gold cup?
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When I flipped at a gold cup, they gave me all sorts of information about their insurance that I could file a claim on if needed. They offer that at all IKF events.

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That reminds me about something that was interesting with the move for SKUSA to merge with IKF… SKUSA use NKA insurance from what I understand… so I wonder if that’s part of strategy.

you no longer need ikf membership to run gold cup this year …

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Yeah I just saw that announced yesterday.

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