Sodi World Series - no USA drivers?

I’m curious. SWS has no US based participants this year according to their website? Last two years only 80 odd drivers, thoughts as to why?

I didn’t even know this was a thing. Interesting.

Sodi USA made a big splash nationally the last year so maybe we will see more of it this year?

I think its more of a case that Sodi recently split and the racing chassis side is no longer bound to the same level as it was by the rental side (Thier main business)

This may have an effect on both sides of the company.

Lack of SWS facilities.
I am exactly who their market is, I think.

@tankyx this better in Europe?

Locally there is a series that has many locations. They have a tourney. If you become the champion of the facility you go to their “supernats” final in Vegas facility. Cool idea similar to sws.

It is fairly easy for facilities in the EU to get into the SWS, as almost all facilities use Sodi Kart for their rental fleet.

Interestingly, Mariembourg doesn’t host SWS races despite having a fleet dedicated to rental league racing

Poor business acumen. It doesn’t cost a centre anything to run SWS over and above their normal costs. Likewise, they can’t sell SWS time at a premium because it flies against SWS principles of making racing accessible for everyone. So, kart centers who don’t see past their noses think why bother if I can’t charge extra.

A center doesn’t make money for SWS racing per se, and indeed they can lose money if the race isn’t fully subscribed. What many fail to grasp is that SWS racing makes money from drivers coming to practice.

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The reason is not about making more money, as Mariembourg hosts their own league and it is almost always fully booked. They don’t want a sweatier crowd they already have

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Since we are in subject of rental stuff this is as good a spot as any to showcase a little track I thought looked fun:

It’s teeny-tiny but has a disco-lit underpass and a bridge as well.


It does look like they have some racing leagues, maybe.

Anyways, it’s a neat track and seems to be a clever use of available space. It looks like they let you get a good head of steam into some tight corners.