Softest Tyre Available

Hi All,

What is softest, quickest tyre out there on the market for the wet and dry for KZ?

The series I run in, has open tyres.

I currently run vega whites XM3 slicks and vega W6 wets.

Has anyone tried 6" rims on a kz?

You are 100% on the correct rain tire. I’ll let the high hp guys comment on slicks.

I really liked the MG Green (SS) on hotter days for ultimate grip.

The LeCont SVC is sticky. Won’t last long though

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@DavidSera Have you ever tested them against the vega whites?

Basically the same, we run the SVC in Sweden for Kz. Great tire, but wears fast

The vega white’s only last the day at best anyway. Rears are shot.