Some highlights from last race

Impressive driving. Super close racing. Seems like just enough space was always given. this is why I love low HP karting. :32 Wow…

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Lots of action! Fun stuff.

ya most of the time there was lots of space given till the last lap when fighting for second where i got pushed into the wall causing me to hit the wall really hard and not finishing the race

ya it was a fun race

So when ya gonna start beating me in kartkraft at amp?

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first i need a wheel

i have one but steam doesn’t recognize it

Steam or KK?

Kk wheel binding is sometimes erratic

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i think its both so im stuck with keboard

What wheel do you have? I heard that Logitech wheels seem to have difficulties being recognized by kartKraft

trusmasters tmx my friend has the same and it wont work for him

When you configured the wheel on KK did you set it on “Generic wheel”?

i configuration it but it dosent reconise it i think

Someone else had an issue with the TMX wheel and asked on steam, I don’t know if this will help but hope it does

It should bind, also they did an update recently.

Like eric said, go to SETTINGS, INPUT. Click on the wheel tab and then find the steering field. Click on it. It should tell you to hold the wheel right 90 and then hold wheel left 90.

After that, do the pedals. Then bind whatever you want to the buttons on the wheel.

If you haven’t tried lately, try again.

KartKraft’s discord channel can be a good resource to get wheel issues ironed out.

thats the discord link if you need it, it’s also in the other link I sent

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