Some rain laps in a ka100 at go pro motoplex

You know about staying off the rubber and stuff?

Wisdom from Alan’s bro:

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Ya i was running a rain line

I love rain stuff. But next time point your camera a little more forward/up. Not being able to see where you are going in the video is kinda annoying.

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Oliver, I carry a philips head in my camera kit. When you get the gopro to the correct position, screw the post in past finger tight with the phillips head. The camera on mine never stays put if its only finger tight. Dont go crazy and overtighten, its plastic. Just a bit.


great advice. I also tighten mine down in final position with a screw driver

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ya thats what i normally do but this sesion i was using to go pro to see how much i move my hands i will upload a video whit the camera at a better position today or tomorrow