SouthWest Karters 2023 Season Schedule

Long track Road Racing in the Southwest.

SouthWest Karters

January 29th - Arizona Motorsports Park

February 26th - The Podium Club

March 18th - Arizona Motorsports Park

April 2nd - Wild Horse Pass West Track - Our One Hour Enduro!

April 29th/30th - Chuckwalla - with NCK Invite

May 27th/28th - Inde Motorsports Ranch

July 1st - The Streets of Willow - An NCK Event

September 2nd/3rd - Inde Motorsports Ranch

November 5th - Arizona Motorsports Park

November 26th - The Podium Club

December 16th - Arizona Motorsports Park


If anyone can make it out to these tracks and try Road Racing, it is quite an experience.

Track maps for some of the tracks we run at.


What kart classes do you guys run at your events?

We line up by you best lap in Practice/Qualifying (all laps are timed).

All karts run at the same time but are scored separately.

We have eight classes. Fastest first.


250 cc twins and singles, 450 cc four strokes and other “exotic” karts.


125 cc adult modified gearbox karts.


Same rules as Shifter

Driver weight is greater than 200 pounds.

SPEC 180

This class is intended for “Stock Moto” gearbox engines and average weight drivers.

  1. Engines

125cc Honda Moto-Cross engines that meet other approved karting organizations (SKUSA, IKF, WKA) will be permitted. (If you have a legal engine with them you will be okay with us).

Other engine combinations may be allowed on case by case bases. Contact the Karting Director before proceeding.

  1. Spec 180 Weight

The driver shall be weighed in his/her driving suit and driving shoes, but without helmet, rib vest, neck collar, gloves, or other driving equipment. Driver weight shall be 180 pounds minimum.


All adult electric start, one speed karts.
Other adult karts may be included depending on performance.


The class consists mainly of slower performance Sprint karts in three weight divisions.


Driver weight less than 160 pounds.


Driver weight less than 160 to 190 pounds.


Driver weight more than 190 pounds.

Class selection may change based on driver performance (see race director).

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For your appreciation, a very cool photo from our race at The Podium Club.


Onboard from the race above as well!

Fun Group. Beautiful Track. Muddy driver…


Very cool! Had no clue this was going on in Phoenix. I’ll have to come watch the next race.

Dramatic landscape.

I was particularly impressed with Utah in my travels. Gorgeous rocks and clouds. The western states really are nice.

It’s great until the heat really starts to set in over the summer.

Well, we don’t run during the Summer. The local Sprint tracks run at night under the lights. Now if there was a road course nearby with lights….

K1 Circuit will be lighted some day!