Spacer for rear axle and effect on handling

Hi. Im using some plastic spacers for the rear axle so that the hubs do not move. I just wonder if they somehow influnce the handling of the kart. I never tried it without, never cared about. Why i am asking? I never saw a team using them. Is there a reason for that? I mean they are very practical.


Hubs should not move. If you are having a problem with that, you may need to tighten up the pinch bolts a little more. That being said, I lot of people just measure and lock the hubs down. Personally I am lazy and use the pre-measured spacers so I don’t have to take the extra time between sessions when I need to make an adjustment. Makes it easy to match both sides assuming the axle is centered on the kart.

I picked up this set from Comet:

No influence on handling. We’ve been using plastic and aluminum spacers on axles for years. No discernible difference with or without spacers.

Most people I know use some kind of spacer rings.

I’ve used the aluminum rings pictured above for a few years now. Never bothered to test whether they make a noticeable difference. Even if they somehow do, I never had handling issues that I would attribute to those. I love the peace of mind of never having a hub move in, so I say use them.