Spark plug cleaner

I came across this just now. Seems interesting. Anyone have any experience with this?

ABN Pneumatic Spark Plug Cleaner - Spark Plug Sandblaster Plug Cleaner Tool with Abrasive, Universal Sparkplug Cleaner

I just replace honestly. If I foul one badly I clean it with ether (easy start) and send it again.

I’d rather do that than risk blast media in the cylinders, plus it’s faster and I don’t need a compressor.

Once plugs are in their temp range (Somewhere around 700c) they are self cleaning. So you can run them until the gap goes out of spec or you just feel like replacing it.

Also, never use a wire brush to clean a plug. Use a nylon one (toothbrush) if you feel like scrubbing one.


Oxy Acetylene Torch is the prefered way to clean off a plug.

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That too. Or even propane will get it hot enough.

Through all my years around auto racing, NGK’s never come back fully after fouling. Seem to load up more easily after the fouling. I currently run NGK in Tag and have had the same issue karting. Pop in a new plug and its butter smooth again. Can’t really speak for other brands.

Initial fouling is for a reason, usually too rich. Check your settings and put a new plug in. The old plug if not firing cleanly with the new settings will just load up again and give you a false tune. typically too lean.

Toss’em. For what a race weekend costs, put a new plug in. If you continuously fool plugs, take the time to diagnose the problem. I keep one used plug for engine break in.

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Although it sounds like a good idea and the plug visually looks great after cleaning, sandblasting isn’t the best idea in town especially on 2 strokes. The sandblast erodes & leaves tiny cavities on the insulator which in-turn capture oil/gas/carbon that reduce electrode cooling. Best to either clean it with a good aerosol or just replace the spark plug (& get a good tune up).