Special corners in our garage

I think enyone of us has that special corner or stuff that makes him smile. Lets share

I need a close up of the drawing on the wall… legs and bike…

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Its fsntstic from England. The honda rc 6 cylinder …
Tomorrom more

The red rs its me in my prime

The ink drawing on the brown parchment paper… that one!

Love this idea. Here’s mine!

Oooo. Boyyy. Pophh… oppop. Ooo boy …

I will go to house and see it in the big pc screen .

You got me there !!!

what hockey match was that ? teams and year ? looks so crowded .

a lot of wins and a lot of good memories there sir , well done .

Helloween LP record at the top of the music cds corner



Since I don’t have a garage I can share my sim cave/rebel scum command center and media production facility.:.

The pip boy will smack you if you try to take my winnings.


That was a hit under the belt , coz you know i am a real dweller man . And had played and finished all fallout games .

Except the 5 .

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Joey dunlop painting.

Above the bench tool

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