Specialty hardware

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Does anyone have a good source for specialty hardware such as the bolt shown below. It has the machined slot for a safety clip. Yes I can get them from the kart supply for $2.50 each. Without the machining they are about $.80.

Are you in the US? Maybe ace hardware, they have everything nuts and bolts, it’s heaven for weirdos like me.

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There is a True Value near me that has an incredible hardware section. Generally my go-to, but I also bought a jig to drill holes through bolts to run pins or wire.

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Robert, let me know if you have any success sourcing these bolts. I’ve searched at Comet, Acceleration Karting, and Fastech as well as McMaster Carr and can’t find anyone selling this type of “grooved” hardware. Funny enough all the kart shops sell the safety clips to use with it but the bolts they sell are all drilled to use OTK style safety pins.

Greg, I hadn’t considered this option so I bought a jig for this but the stainless steel hardware I am trying to drill dulls the bits very quickly. Any recommendation for a more durable bit?

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Check this out. They talk about what bits work best for that application.

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Airplane structures guy here :raising_hand_man:t2: A Cobalt drill will go through it like it’s made from butter, just search online they’re easily available. Yardstore.com sells them if you can’t find anything

Technique plays a big part when drilling hardened steel - low speed high feed

Dip your drills in beolube first they’ll last longer.

TopKart USA has the tough to find grooved hardware.

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