Spindle Camber Angle Options

I have noticed that some manufacturers (maybe all, I don’t know) offer a choice of different camber angles built in to the spindles. Why is this? Is it to increase the maximum amount of camber possible? For example, I saw one chassis that by default had 10.5 degree spindles, and I assume these would measure out at zero camber in their chassis with the pills centered left / right. but they also offered 11 degrees and 12 degrees I think. So, theoretically you could get an extra 1/2 degree or 1 1/2 degrees positive camber then??? but then also giving up the maximum negative camber by 1/2 degree or 1 1/2 degrees respectively? Before the days of adjustable pils and snipers, I could see where this would be a way to make the camber adjustable when there was no other way, but today it seems like I have plenty of camber adjustability… (or do I???) However, I have a feeling it has more to do with the angle of kingpin impacting the overall steering geometry… but I don’t really know what this would do and hoping someone could explain. I am Curious. I know there is something there or else they would just leave the angle at zero for camber in the spindles…but they dont, none of them. I have a feeling I am going to learn something here!

It allow you to alter the camber without altering the king pin inclination.

There’s some discussion here:

Thank you. That makes sense. I can see how if you had a 10.5 degree angle and set the camber at the wheels to neutral vs. a 12 degrees angle and set the camber at the wheels to neutral how the 12 degree angle would increase the distance the front wheels would travel downward when turned away from center. Unlike caster, it would push down both wheels regardless of direction… offset / additive with the caster effect…of course. What you said makes sense I think… So, if your kart likes 10.5 degrees and you want to maintain that angle but throw in a little positive camber… then you could opt for a spindle KPI of say 11 degrees, throw in a little positive camber which would basically bring back your kingpin to the 10.5 degrees the kart likes in this case, but you would then have a little positive camber… Do I have that right??? Thanks!

I thought it was just a way to sell the spindles that didn’t come out of the jig straight… :wink: