Spindle or Kingpin wobbles, what do I need to do?

I tried simply tightening the kingpin bolt/nut, and the spindle still wobbles easily. Probably best explained with a video:

How do I fix this and/or what part(s) do I need to buy?

King bearings are shot from that video.

Looks like you have a Mitox or something similar in which case, standard 8mm kingpin bearings should do.

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Wow, there are no roller balls in the bearing race. I’d replace all the king pin bearings on both king pins.

It’s a ~5 year old OTK cadet kart, and from staring at diagrams, I believe it’s a BST stub axle.

So I just need to buy 4 of the 8x22mm bearings? Or also the king pin or the whole stub axle assembly?

Stub axle might be OK. But I would order kingpins for sure, even if the current ones are straight and true.

They dont wear out. Are you just recommending carrying a spare set?

They do bend though, so recommending a spare set to have on hand even if what is in there looks good.

Thanks for the help! I went ahead and ordered replacements for both sides including king pins. It’s cheap insurance and if they are bent when I pull them out, I don’t want to have to place another order.

I had one break once while on track. Thankfully it was a practice session so it didn’t cost us a race. We did lose all of the spacers though. I now replave them when doing gearings. Keep the old ones for spare.