Spindles for Birel ar28 x

Hello everyone, I recently bought an old birel frame that is called the ar28 x. I was wondering if anybody knows any affordable spindles would fit this kart and where I can buy them.

[Images](Ar28x Ar28x - Album on Imgur)


Where are you located?

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I’m located in Austin Texas.

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Can’t help you there. I know several Birel dealers here in Canada. One is called PSL karting and they are in Quebec. Their website has exploded views of chassis and part numbers for most birel karts. Might be able to at least find part numbers there.

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Okay, thanks so much. I’ve been scouring all over the internet and it seems like there is no mentions of the ar28x, which is strange. Where would you recommend I should buy parts from in general?

Try comet kart sales. They show the ar28y on their site still. Im assuming there would be some compatibility between the X and Y.

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I’ll take a look at it. From looking at some charts made by birel, it looks Ike the y, the z, the cx, and the rx, all have pretty much the same parts. Still strange that there is no mention of the x.

My wild ass guess is that the X is older, so it’s just not talked about as much

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That would make sense. Hopefully the parts listed for the y work fine.