Split Ring Sprockets

Still new to this 206 stuff and the 35-pitch split sprockets. I have made a few gear changes with no issues but I bought a new sprocket (Tuck and Run) and had an issue where the chain would ride up on a section of the gear teeth as if the pitch was wrong. I assured the orientation of both halves was correct. Took everything apart and tried again and had the same issue. I gave up and put the original back on and it was fine. The next day I tried it again and this time it worked as it should with the suspect sprocket. This is puzzling to me. The only thing that could maybe cause this is my hub has 12 mounting holes but they should all be the same spacing (I think). Some of the Tuck and Run sprockets also are split on the tooth and the one I was having an issue with was this design. Any ideas why this is happening and how to avoid it?

Grab the chain and use it to pinch the two halves in line while you’re tightening the nuts.


This is definitely the answer but has anyone figured out a good way to do this without three hands?!?!

I have switched to Rocket Sprocket’s twist on rings because of hassles I’ve had trying to align both halves of split sprockets.

After battling this for years, I finally gave up and bought 1 piece sprockets. Cut one slit, slip it over axle and never worry about gear halves again.


Threaded sprocket carriers. If it’s not threaded already, heli-coil it.

Snug them lightly, not too tight, shove the engine forward to tension the chain, and spin the rear tires. It should help settle the 2 halves, then snug them up.

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Rocket sprocket makes a single piece sprocket design that twists to slide over the axle for inboard driven engines.

Oh that is an awesome idea! If the sprocket bolts are normally M6, can you heli-coil the carrier to remain M6 or would you need to go bigger?

The tap drill for an M6 helicoil is 6.2mm, since the bolts are 6mm and you’d need some clearance, I’d be surprised if there was enough meat there to properly helicoil them. On top of that, a standard helicoil insert is double the diameter, so its 12mm long. The sprocket carrier web is probably 3 to 4 mm, so you’d need to cut off or file off a bunch, might not leave much material to thread into. I do think sprocket carriers with threads to hold the bolt is a good idea, there is probably one already available, you’d be further ahead to just buy one i bet.

They make threaded ones, but heli-coiling them works fine. Plenty of meat, give the heli-coil a dab of red locker and it’s good to go.