Sprint Kart Calendar

Added Hampton Rds Kart Club in VA

Added Sandy Hook Club Series

Worked just fine for me.

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thank you very much…

added Woodbridge Kart Club Series. I see this series has 2 races with the WKA Road Series, so those race weekends in essence shows up twice, once as a WKA event, and once as a WKC event.

Added Nicholson Speedway and the Maryland State Sprint Series

Doesn’t work on my phone but works on my computer. Great job putting this together

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  • Indian Valley Kart Club - New Philadelphia, OH (NEW)
  • Wilmington Raceway Park - Wilmington, OH (NEW)

This is a great resource with a lot of time involved to set it up - thanks.

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May 15th is, so far, the busiest day in sprint kart racing on the east coast, with 14 events on the calendar.

I think I’ve got all the tracks from the coast over to the Mississippi River, please let me know if I’ve missed any.

opps, added some MS stuff, but I can’t seem to location any schedule info on Rebel Raceway in MS. If anyone has any info, please share.

Stockholm Kart Center in MN has 19 point races, that is a crap ton, hope all you racers up there appreciate their hard work and dedication.

In the last few days we’ve added 10 new tracks and 5 new series


Stockholm is my local track, they do run a lot of races. Basically any day they can :smiley:

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As a reminder, you can use the search function (at least on the Google desktop version) to find your local tracks, it will keywork of most datapoints including city/state. There are now hundreds of entries, so please use the resource to its fullest.

What this calendar looks like on my Android phone:

Added some Texas stuff, think im still missing a few tracks


I have moved into the near West areas now, if I have missed a track/series that needs to be added, please post up.


Added the Oreville Kart club up in PA to the schedule. Holy balls they have a lot of races lol

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