Sprint Kart Calendar

I probably said this before…. But we did have it at one point as part of the “Death Star” that was the old site. It had an interactive map that would show races by the date range, location radius and other criteria you specified.

The challenge was keeping it up to date… which you’ve been able to do from the looks of it.

(OK buggy code didn’t help at the time either)

lol, you have, I was just making you say it publicly lol

Ha fair. I’m on my laptop which makes it easier to lookup the old site stuff. Its something that can be done more easily now with wordpress and plugins…

Here’s a race\event page:

Let me know if I can help populate the data tables, I’m no internet code writer or developer, but I can navigate and type.

Aldo note that there are (2) Tri-City Kart Clubs in the US, one in Florida and one in Washington. On the calendar, I have used the Tri-City (with a -) for the one in FL and used Tri City (with no -) for the one in WA. The track addresses should be a big red flag, but in case someone misses that. They both have races on April 2 for instance.

Maybe we can just link the Google calendar to your wordpress? My options:

Here is a tentative schedule for Colorado.
Run your rust off - action, 16 apr - No points

Round 1 - imi, 6-7 may

Round 2 - gjms, 2-3-4 June

Summerfest!! - action, 23-24 June (no points)

Round 3 / 4 - dh at ppir, 14-15-16 July

Round 5 - gjms, 4-5-6 Aug

Round 6 - action, 26-27 aug

Round 7 - imi, 9-10 sept

Round 8 - action, 23-24 sept

oh, but i have no issue ditching Google for a better solution lol

Added. 20 spaces xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We don’t have a wordpress site currently. There was one in development at one point that was intended to be a karting news aggregator but haven’t taken it any further.

Whiteland Raceway Park announced their club schedule today.


i’m not sure i’m into this 20 character thing but Whiteland is added lol

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New track being built in Lorian, OH and on the Buckeye Karting Challenge schedule has been added to the track list, along with the complete BKC schedule being added to the calendar.

Fun Fact: you have to go all the way to APR 9th to find a weekend non-kart race date on this calendar. The next one after that is NOV 5th!!! We still have 11 series to report and only 18 of the 88 tracks have reported schedules. There is certainly no shortage of racing for those that want to!!

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Added the Elkhart Grand Prix!!!

Welcome BAKERSFIELD KART RACEWAY to the list as the 89th active track. Are there 100 out there?

I stumbled upon a street race series in Indiana, Southern Indiana Racing Association, looks like that ran 7 races this year, mostly in the streets. No 2023 schedule yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

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It’s a really cool series. Was bigger 10 years ago but still averaging 50-75ish entries per event


Here’s the MCC ProAm schedule for this year.

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This club series has been added.