Sprocket (and hub) tolerance limits

Anyone have recommendation on sprocket tolerances for being straight, as well the sprocket hub? I’ve noticed over time that my sprockets get a slight wobble in them, usually the teeth are in great shape, maybe a slight wear on a couple sides. As the the sprocket hub, I think picked up a bent ear some how, just bent it back the best I could and use a dial gauge on it.

Do you guys generally work about this or just when it starts crewing up the teeth and finding metal slivers everywhere?

Normal use shouldn’t lead to the symptoms you are describing. Are your using a straight edge or sprocket aligner to align the rear sprocket to the engine sprocket? Another thing could be your axle is bent/and or it is shifting which is causing everything to misalign. Last thing is to make sure your sprocket is tightened evenly on all the bolts. Are you running a split sprocket or full sprocket? Having the sprocket deform and shred metal is unusual. Last question, is your clutch sprocket wearing at the same rate your rear sprocket is and getting chewed up.

If the sprocket has a little wobble I don’t worry too much about it. Until it starts chewing up teeth or eating chains it’s probably fine.

I generally use a sniper chain tool which the laser is always on the teeth. No wear on the clutch teeth. I do only use 3 bolts on the full sprocket… always wondered why only 3… its how it came and generally see everyone running the same. Should it be all 6?. For the most part the sprockets are in great shape, just notice a bit of a wobble in them and wonder if people replace them or keep running them. Based on what @tjkoyen mentioned, it seems ok and standard practice for this.

Ah the old “only needs three”. I did that until for years until a good friend said “there are six holes there for a reason, use them”. It was like a wise saying lol, used all 6 since then but I think of you do three and they are tightened evenly you’d be good.