Sprocket carrier and sprocket setup

newb here looking for advice. I have top kart and putting together a egokart.

motor side has a T8F 11T and my axle is a 50mm, on bmi i see Sprocket Carrier for a 30mm, 40mm, or 50mm Axle | BMI Karts And Parts however Im not sure what sproket i should be looking at.

Hmm. It looks like you’ve got a sprocket that won’t work with most hubs. Almost every racing kart uses a 6-bolt-on-130-mm circle pattern. I think you’ll need a different hub, especially with a 50mm axle.

Yes that appears to be more of a yard kart oriented sprocket.

I was looking at motor side for a 35 or 41. Going to measure the shank and see what i can find.

If you’ve got a #35 sprocket on there, you can get #35 kart rear sprockets and a standard 50mm rear sprocket carrier.

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Yeah that’s what i am going to try and setup.

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Can someone lend a hand here. Trying to find what i need and hitting a wall.

Ideally i want chain 41 but not having any luck.

Try these guys. Electric Scooter and Bicycle Sprockets - ElectricScooterParts.com I have gotten a number of parts from them, good guys.

The “double D” bore of the driver is very common in the electric bike/scooter world. The website above has many options for chain types and tooth counts with that drive setup. They may even have a hub for that rear sprocket you posted above.

Hope that helps.

*Edit: They do not have a hub for a 50mm axle. I think your best bet would be to use a #35 double d driver, that way you can use standard kart gears and hubs that will fit a 50mm axle.