Spun aluminum rims

2017 Tonykart 4 stroke chassis/LO206 JR2 at 310 pounds.

Anyone run spun aluminum rims? Looking for an option to free the kart up in high bite. Can’t afford MXC rims, looking for other options. Was also thinking about mag rims but not sure which ones to go with. Low volume, vented, unvented, etc. was told most mag rims aren’t a good choice for low horsepower classes. Advice?

I have run spun aluminum wheels on a World Formula Kart, I honestly don’t notice much of a difference from mag to aluminum.

What have you tried to free the kart up already? Honestly I don’t really consider wheels a tuning tool because I haven’t found they make much of a difference either. That said, I use Douglas SE Mag wheels. A cheaper, but still expensive option to OTK wheels are the forged Swifts or Technos.

Without knowing your current chassis setup it’s hard to give suggestions.


I’m not very knowledgeable about this, but my understanding is that aluminum wheels run “hot” and people like em for rain tire setups.

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I have some DWT spun and some DWT cast. I can tell you the spun can be a bit ridiculous to seat tires on. 3 different guys @ the kart shop remarked how much they hated them.

I think we got some spun to put rains on as they were either cheaper or just what was in stock.

what size rims are you running on what tires?
We run 6 in front and 7 3/4 with Vega Reds.

The wider rims will loosen the kart up.

Interesting comment, as all I have are DWT spun aluminum wheels. I’ve never had any problems seating a tire, but I do struggle a bit more getting them on and off than others in various videos. I bought a HF mini tire changer to help for the next time.

I had the trouble with the rears and one was really bad. Might have been the combo of MG reds and wheel in particular.
My brother and I attempted to get it done. We even used a welding rod heater and real mounting lube. Then we brought it back to the kart shop. My conclusion was something was out of spec/defective. 1 guy decided he would get it done. It was scary. To the point I told the guy It wasn’t worth getting injured or dying over and I would just buy new tire. The guy got it done but it was a dangerous thing to do.
I did find them harder to mount / dismount as well. Being they don’t have bead locks there might be a dimensional difference.

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I have aluminum and magnesium wheels. I’ve run every kind of tire too, never noticed a difference in mounting/dismount? I’d say Vega whites had the toughest sidewalls but they weren’t an issue. Maybe the wheels bent?

Wheel wasn’t bent - still ain’t - trying to keep it that way. It ran fine with no shake. I cleaned the bead area just to rule that out. I never did figure it out. 3 guys that worked with a lot of wheel mounting all said the spun wheels were tighter. Maybe one of those bad batch things. The ID of the tires didn’t seem off. The bead would seat about 3/4 of the way and it would vary where. I even shaved some rubber off of the tires bead area and it never leaked air. Finally got it by using excessive air to seat. Tires mostly used up and am going to use them for braking exercises.