Spun vs Cast Aluminum Wheels for LO206 Rain Wheelset

I need to pick up my first set of rain wheels for upcoming club races. I run a 2019 Kosmic Kart in LO206. When researching aluminum wheels, I found the popular DWT spun aluminum wheels. They are fairly inexpensive at $37 /wheel. However, I was told by a much more experienced karter that I really want to get cast aluminum wheels instead of the less expensive spun aluminum. He said that they retain heat better and will be an advantage over spun wheels in the cold rains we get in the PNW.

Looking around, I can find DWT Litecast wheels for ~$50 /wheel and AMV Aluminum Tigers at ~$70 /wheel.

Do you think that cast aluminum wheels are worth the additional cost over spun considering my kart chassis and class? Personally, I am leaning towards “probably not”. I figure that the first few rain races are going to be a huge learning curve and cast vs spun wheels are likely not where I am going to be finding time. However, I could also see the advantage of having wheels that build and maintain heat better in the low hp class I run. I was even thinking about just getting cast front wheels and spun rear wheels figuring in the rain, the more front end I can get the better.

I’d appreciate some advice from the KartPulse brain trust! Thanks!

Edit: Also, for the spun DWT wheels, is 6.5" close enough to 180mm in the rear? The next option looks like 7.75 (196mm) which seems too big.

I’ve never had issues with spun aluminum in the rain.

I would caution against going for cast front spun rear, if they really do make a difference in heat retention. In the rain, rear sliding is about the worse handling situation you can have. If you can’t get the power down because you lack rear temp, you’ll be blown past on corner exit.

So if mixing them, it makes more sense to put the cast aluminum on the rears then. Good to know. I just figured understeering would be the main problem with driving in the rain.

Would 6.5" width in the rear be okay you think?

For what you’re trying to do, spun is fine. Once you get a few thousand laps rain racing, you’ll be ready to test cast and see for yourself. I cannot feel a difference personally.

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Rain racing is down to setup to a point, but it’s really up to the driver to develop a feel for the conditions and grip available and to have the cajones to send it and get a little sketchy. The method of construction of your aluminum wheels is not a make-or-break aspect of rain driving.


I agree with TJ. Someone told me the secret to fast in the rain is tell yourself you enjoy racing in rain. I think also fast hands and reading changing conditions is a big deal. Hitting your marks lap after lap are less important

180 MM is 7.08661 inches. So I would look for some 7" wide wheels for the rear. 130 MM is 5.11811 inches . I would look for some 5 inch wheels for the front.

My mind immediately goes to exactly how much heat is a wheel actually going to hold when it’s being flushed with water the entire race :man_shrugging:

During intermediate or damp conditions that’s a little different of course…

Summary: Get the DWT spun wheels and send it down the road.


Done! Thanks for the advice everyone!