SST former kart champ

Anyone watch the SST races over the weekend?
Ben Maier was very impressive for a young driver, unlike Max this weekend.

Yeah I thought the same Ben seemed always in contention. Max last year did really well if I remember right but that first lap in race 2 didn’t help his cause this weekend.

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As a Cleetus viewer I watched the highlights. SST doesn’t really do it for me to be honest, but it was nice to hear the commentator mention Ben’s SKUSA Pro Tour successes and briefly mention the SuperNats.

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Is SST stadium trucks?

Sort of, but these are run at the same tracks with IndyCar and the like:

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That looks like an unhealthy amount of fun. I do like me some three-wheelin’. These race like my suv feels like, wobbly!

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I f*$king love motorsports!

I knew Cleetus had raced Karts, can you expand on his involvement in Skusa?
It’s very hard to search for it online with the number of hits on other videos

I don’t think Cleetus raced much in karts if at all. But he did have a cr125 shifter at one point.

I misread TJ’s post.
I had the same thought as @KartingIsLife about what Cleetus had done in karts, but I think Tj was talking about the guy that won.
time for new glasses

Edited for clarity.
I was referring to Ben Maier being the kart racer. Cleetus never raced karts but I do see an Arrow/Rotax and as James said a shifter collecting dust in the back of his shop from time to time.

Cleet has been just jumping in a wide variety of different cars lately so I debated asking if he wanted to do an arrive-and-drive in a kart.

Race them on iRacing! I know you feed your speed addiction there alot!

I should definitely try them. Let’s make the sprint car version of this.

I’m pretty sure Ben’s dad is a member here and stops by from time-to-time.

Although I subscribe to Cleetus, I don’t really watch a lot of his content… Watching the freedom factory come together was pretty cool while I was trying to get the ice track going.