Stacker kart stand question

Is it possible load/unload a kart from the upper position using a 1 person (ie. electric) stand?

Yes. For around 750 bones, you can buy a one man operation. I don’t use one but I know there are several brands such as “streeter”.

I never seen one for the top level of a dual kart stand. If you find one I would also be interested!!

@Tim_Koyen might have an answer.

I don’t think so, its too high. I have used an electric stand to pick up or drop off a kart on the bottom but it needs to be lifted by hand to get one on the 2nd level.

Whoops missed that part about stacker.

I used to load my kart into the bed of my Silverado, which is about as high as the upper half of a Streeter or KL stacker stand. The 1 potential problem is that the stand wheels can’t lock, so it could potentially roll while trying to maneuver it on.

I load and unload the top kart with one man on to a stand. It helps to not have a heavy kart.
I have been meaning to film this as I get some looks of horror when I do it.
Don’t try this at home.

This is the least bad picture of our rack.

To load:
Approach the kart rack nose first.
Pull down on the rear of the kart and tilt the nose in the air.
Place the nose on the top rack so that you can pivot the kart on the nose.
Push up on the rear of the kart so that the back half clears the stand and you can roll the kart forward.
Roll the kart forward until stable
Clear the kart stand
Roll the kart forward until in desired position.

To unload.
Approach the rear of the kart with the stand and place up against the rack.
Pull the kart backward off the rack until you can pivot the kart down.
Place the rear bumper on the kart stand.
Move the stand backward until it clears the rack enough to pivot.
Pivot the front of the stand up to meet the bottom of the kart.
Continue to pivot stand until the kart nose clears the rack.
Backup until you can pivot the kart down and level.