Start with LO206 or 125cc TaG for master class

I always wanted to race go karts, but my family couldn’t afford it when I was a kid and I couldn’t when I became an adult. I’m at a point in my life where I can finally afford to fund my childhood dream of kart racing.

I’m 35. The classes at my local track are 35+ masters for 125cc TaG or 15+ seniors for 4 cycle.

I’ve found a good deal on karts for each option. I know that the 4 cycle is a good option for beginners, but would prefer to go the TaG route if I won’t be going in over my head. I used to ride dirt bikes quite a bit and have raced on a high speed electric indoor kart league. I’m about 195 lbs if that makes much difference on which way to go.

I also have experience working on both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines so I should be ok there whichever direction I decide to go.

Does anyone have any opinions or insight on where to start?

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I started 125 tag when I started racing ( age 48, as opposed to lapping).

It’s a great class and very quick. It will certainly keep you learning for years.

The downside is cost. You need to rebuild 2-strokes on a regularish schedule. They also spin high rpm so in general, they are a bit fiddly. Also, there’s a physical element. You will need to get into shape for 125, if not already.

If you are brand new to karting, I’d recommend the lo206, assuming there’s a decent field.

A) it’s hugely less expensive.
B) it’s less fast and therefore easier to learn how to drive.

I’d do LO for a year first.

I always recommend that newcomers do a season of LO206 first. You learn 90% of what you need to buy tools and other equipment, without the learning curve of two-stroke on top of that.

Welcome to karting!

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Rental League & then LO206 is a great start.


Welcome! I would always recommend at least one year of something slower, regardless of your prior experience. The whole karting experience is a learning curve, from driving to tuning and setup to process and race day prep, so if you can drive something slower for at least a year, you can learn a lot of the background stuff, as well as develop a good baseline of driving skill and racecraft for when you move to something quicker.

Plus 206 is cheaper and easier to run/maintain. It sounds like you have enough experience to be a quick learner, so after a year I would expect you could be easily ready for TaG.

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I wanted to start out in 206 but couldnt find a decent used kart so I settled for a TaG because there were some good deals. Like the other guys said there is a bit of a learning curve ( and financial element) with just getting all of the tools and gear when starting out. If I could do it again I would wait for the right 206 to come along. With that said I have survived two seasons, had a great time and found that the competitors are all very welcoming and super helpful. The fellow that said TaG is physically demanding isn’t kidding. I would compare the beating your body takes to that of a ( really fun) 15 minute car accident.


Maaaaybe the best description of karting I’ve ever heard. :beers:


I agree. Pretty brilliant.

Thank you, everybody! I seriously appreciate the input! I’m definitely taking everyone’s advice and going with the 206. I should have it in time to at least get a couple of practice days on the track this year. Thanks again!


Have fun! :checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::racing_car::racing_car::racing_car::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::racing_car::racing_car::racing_car:

Thanks @Bimodal_Rocket

@Mike_Clark I actually just found a track that has “arrive and drive” and will be able to do two races there still this season with a rental. Just enough time to get me hooked before having to sit through the winter staring at the new kart and waiting until spring for the tracks to open (I’m in Michigan)


Is that MRP by any chance?

Its Jackson Speedway in Michigan. I did just look up MRP though and their school looks interesting. I’m going to call them later to see if I can get into a class yet this season.

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If TAG is like a fifteen minute car accident wait till you drive KZ shifter! Kind of like car accident purgatory…

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I am in Montana and had the same situation, waiting for a long winter to pass. I bought a pile of Shifter Kart and rebuilt it from the powder coat up to the final steering hub cotter pin. Even doing all my own graphics. Nothing will educate you more than getting dirty and rebuilding one.


That Livery. So awesome. Its a bit of General Lee or Evel Knievel.

What state are you in? I have a nice 206 turn key for sale. I’m in Houston, TX and haven’t listed it. PM and let me know if your interested.

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hey don’t think tag is for ya b sensible start out with 206 get basic of karting down tag is a high level of karting skills

Nobody ever thinks of Super Dave Osborne.
Granted he wasn’t the biggest name in the game.

If you see a kart with “genuine Saskatchewan sealskin bindings” that is a dead give away it’s Super Dave livery.

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