Starter motor in Vortex Super Rok


Sometimes my starter motor wont spin, when I push the start bottom. I can clearly hear the relay is clicking. I think its the brushes in the starter engine, that need to be replaced. Is it possible to take the starter motor out, and replace the brushes, without taking the whole motor apart ??


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Double check all your connections. I don’t know if you could find the brushes to replace it. You may have to replace the whole motor. I would also take the clutch off and look at the Bendix to see if anything is snapped or broken?

Have you checked the battery voltage?

I second this. My gut says there’s a good chance your battery is depleted.

In which case it will show fully charged, however when a demand is placed on the battery it’s unable to supply enough current causing the gear to disengage.

Okay thanks guys. I try with a lipo battery and se.

But to answer my question. I need to take the gearing plante apart right ?

You guys was right.

Changed to one of my lipo’s from the drone racing world, and fixed a bad connection in one of the relays. Spins Up every time now.